Great effort on Day 1 of Reef Blitz but observers needed

1 June is Day 1 of Reef Blitz 2023. The observations are coming in from Goolboodi (Orpheus) Island to Brisbane. The numbers are 131 observations of 75 species with 12 observers and 14 identifiers (26 people). The most observed species is Salad Coral (Turbinaria mesenterina). Reports from the Townsville snorkelers were challenging conditions with 1-2.5m visibility and best at Arthur Bay and Middle Reef.

Top observers: Adam Smith, Tobbias Missebuko and Matthew Wilke
Top identifiers: Baronsamedi, Jeffwj, adam_smith3

This project concludes on 8 June World Oceans Day and is aiming for 1500 plus observations so we need help please

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