Celebrating half way for Reef Blitz 2023 project

Thank you very much to the committed iNaturalists, fishers, snorkelers and divers, beach walkers and birdwatchers who have added observations and identifications. This is a Day 4 and mid-project update as we aim to conclude on 8 June for World Ocean Day.

Collectively 130 people (49 and 81 identifiers) have achieved 619 observations of 278 species from throughout Queensland coastal areas. The top three observers are @adam_smith3 , @wilkie329 and @amber_bird1 . The top three identifiers are @adam_smith3, @ben_travaglini and @meta4

A snapshot is 42.5% of observations and 120 species of fish, 24% and 67 species of molluscs and 22% and 61 species of other animals.

The top three observed species in the project are Stripey Snapper (Lutjanus carponotatus), Moses' Snapper (Lutjanus russellii) and Flowerpot Corals (Genus Goniopora).

The spatial range of observations is from Cairns to Burleigh Heads with a majority of sightings from Townsville, Bowen and the Capricorn Bunker Group (Lady Elliot and Heron Island).


It would be great if you can share knowledge with other people to be involved with a big focus on Thursday 8 June for World Oceans day.

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