Milestone 1000 observations and 400 species for Reef Blitz 2023

Congratulations to the 61 observers and 94 identifiers (`155 people) who have contributed so far to the Reef Blitz 2023 project.
A milestone of over 1000 observations and 400 species has been reached so far. There is 1.5 days to go with the project finishing on midnight on 8 June World Oceans day.

The most observed species is the Moses' Snapper (Lutjanus russellii) and most observed coral is Flowerpot Corals (Genus Goniopora), most observed bird is Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) and crustacean is Crenate Swimming Crab (Thalamita crenata). Check out all the species here

The geographical range of observations is impressive with Port Douglas in the north and Surfers Paradise in the south. There are some huge gaps with no observations in the far north and no observations in the Coral Sea.

We are planning a big event for the final day with a Reef Blitz of John Brewer Reef with the Museum of Underwater Art and Sealink and 60 people.

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