Bye bye Buccoo!

That's it! The end of the 2023 Bioblitz here in southwest Tobago.

When the iNaturalist observations are combined with the other species lists, we end up with a provisional total of 720 species for the weekend! This already impressive total is bound to rise as more people upload their photos and we get more identifications from the iNaturalist community....

Please continue to add your pics from the 24hrs and help ID where you can!

Thank you to First Citizens for sponsoring this year's event and thank you to all of our volunteers for joining is this year.

Special thanks to this year's organisers: the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club, the Life Sciences Department, The University of the West Indies, SpeSeas, Buccoo Reef Trust and the THA (who funded the snorkelling surveys).

Finally hugehanks as well to the Buccoo Government Primary School for graciously hosting us and facilitating use of their space for this year's basecamp.

Stay tuned on Facebook & Instagram for more updates - and to be the first to hear about the next event!

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