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Updated 29/11/2023.

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Taxandria from the Latin tax, arranged and andrus, male. Refers to the stamens arranged regularly opposite the petals and sepals.

The following table lists the Taxandria species which are shown by Florabase to have been collected in Denmark Shire plus Taxandria angustifolia (see note below). The second column shows whether the species was included in the book Flora of the South West and under what name if different.

Taxandria Species of Denmark WA
Species Included Notes
angustifolia No See note below
Nuytsia 16:408–410 (2007)
conspicua ssp. conspicua Yes As Agonis conspicua
fragrans Yes As Agonis sp. “Coarse Agonis”
Nuytsia 16:418 (2007)
inundata Yes As Agonis sp. “Lake Jasper”
Nuytsia 16:420–422, Fig. 5f-j (2007)
Yes As Agonis juniperina
(Swamp Peppermint)
Yes As Agonis linearifolia
Yes As Agonis marginata
parviceps Yes As Agonis parviceps

T. angustifolia

Florabase does not show this species occuring in Denmark Shire. There has, however, been a collection made in 2001 in the shire on the Bibulmum track between Ocean Beach Road and Light’s Road over Mount Hallowell but the GPS point has been mislocated to the Nulaki Peninsula. The collection was, in any case, after the book was published and the species was not included in the book.

Erect shrub to 3.5m tall. Leaves are stated in the Nuytsia article to be 8–23mm long and 0.6–1.5mm wide. In a plant I saw on Mount Hallowell which I believe to be this species, the leaves were up to 28mm long and 3mm wide. The leaves are concave above, covex below and thick. Flower clusters are usually axillary but may terminate short shoots. Sepals are triangular and pointed. Flowers January to July but petals persist long after that (at least until late November).

The Nuytsia article states that this a variable species with several disjunct populations and with extensive variation within thos populations. The population that appears to exist on Mount Hallowell was not discussed in the article even though the collection referred to above was made 6 years before the article was published. It is possible that the collection had not been identified as this species when the article was written.

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