Flora of Denmark WA - Astartea

Astartea from the goddess Astarte (equivalent to Venus) to whom the myrtles were sacred.

The following table lists the Astartea species which are shown by Florabase to have been collected in Denmark Shire. The second column shows whether the species was included in the book Flora of the South West and under what name if different. If the species was described after Flora of the South West was published, the paper describing the species is noted. Where a species is not included in Flora of the South West I have endeavored to provide some sort of description after the table.

Astartea Species of Denmark WA
Species Included Notes
(Minute Astartea)
Yes As Backea arbuscula
Nuytsia 16:152(2006)
corniculata No See note below
glomerulosa Yes As A. sp. “Long Stalks”
Nuytsia 23:237(2013)
leptophylla Yes As A. sp. “Rivers”
Nuytsia 23:244(2013)
Previously laricifolia
Yes As A. sp. “Wing Tips”
Nuytsia 25:145(2015)
schaueri Yes As A. sp. “Big bracteoles”
Nuytsia 23:256–7(2013)
scoparia Yes As A. sp. “Juniperina”
Nuytsia 23:257(2013)
sp. “Southern Ranges” No

A. corniculata

When the book was published there were no collections identified as this species in the area covered by the book. Three collections have since been so identified two of which are in Denmark Shire. There is a full description of the species in Nuytsia 23:229(2013). A short description follows.

Low, lignotuberous shrub. Flowers 4–6.5mm diameter. Sepals prominently horned. Petals 1.7–2.5mm long, white or pale pink. Stamens usually 15–20 in bundles of 2–5 opposite the sepals.

A. sp. “Southern Ranges”

It is hard to get information on ‘phrase name’ species. Three collections have been made in Denmark Shire, all in January 2003 in the same area (Watershed Road). The following description is synthesised from the notes with those collections and the photos on Florabase. Plants lignotuberous, multi-stemmed, stems to 1.5 m, flowers pale, calyx lobes with tubercles and a rounded membranous margin, sepals rounded, ridged, stamens in 5 bundles of 3–5 opposite the sepals.

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