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15 de diciembre de 2023

Weedscan - a new app for indentifying weeds in Australia

Australia’s first AI weed identification and management app allows users to identify, report and map priority weeds simply by uploading a photo of the suspected weed.


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Burrawangs besieged - new insect pests are causing damage

New insect pests are having a significant impact on burrawangs - iNaturalist is helping to document the spread of a newly descibed leaf scale, and a stem borer that has was first observed in 2019.

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23 de diciembre de 2023

Where have all the Christmas Beetles Gone?

Take a break from Christmas pudding and join the Christmas Beetle Count. Just log your observations on iNaturalist, and they will automatically be part of the Count. This important work is helping to determine which Christmas beetle species are likely to be at risk of decline or extinction. And maybe it will also be our 100,000observation - nearly 98,000 so far!

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