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09 de abril de 2020

Homantin 4/4/2020

Ho Man Tin is a part of urban city. However, some migrants pass through a distribution reservoir. I got five blue and white flycatchers at the day. Three were male and two were female. It is a common spring passage migrant of HK. Three narcissus flycatchers were also recorded. two were male and one was female. It is an uncommon passage migrant of HK. One mugimaki flycatcher young male was recorded. It is a scarce passage migrant of HK. Two ashy minivet seen at the day. Uncommon passage migrant but usually just stay for a short time. The most memorable species was Eurasian wryneck. Uncommon passage migrant and winter visitor of HK but hard to observe at urban area. Although the bird just let me saw for 1 minute, I was satisfied because I've never seen the bird before. Actually birds are every where with trees. Urban parks can be a hotel for passage migrant. Why don't you start observe the park next to you NOW!

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15 de abril de 2020

Po Toi 14/4/2020

Po Toi Island is the south est island of HK. Many spring and autumn migrant arrive Po Toi every year. I got a yellow browed bunting. It is a scarce spring and autumn passage migrant and rare winter visiter of HK. It was my first time of meeting it. It found some seeds at a small field beside the pier. With a chestnut bunting, which is an uncommon passage migrant of HK but I couldn't see it. Other good bird was a dollar bird. People go to Po Toi because of it. Common passage migrant of HK, most record from Po Toi. A blue tailed beaeater also! Very beautiful and uncommon passage migrant of HK. Mostly from fishpond at Mai Po, but unusual for Po Toi! My first time yo meet it. Hope to see more passage migrant at Po Toi next week!

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