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04 de mayo de 2020

Ho Man Tin 3/5/2020

Today, I went back to Ho Man Tin. The weather was very hot and the migrants were gone already. However, birder Ben Wong spotted a japanese paradise flycatcher. Japanese paradise flycatcher is an uncommon passage migrant of Hong Kong. I started birding on 2016. I learnt this flycatcher from a nature guide. I loved it very much. The long tail is very special. It is an NT species. To achieve this dream, I went to Tai Po Kau and Po Toi for many times but failed. These two places often recorded this flycatcher. Before the third of may, I couldn't put JPF into my list. Till third of may, Ben Wong post some pictures of JPF on Ho Man Tin birding birding whatsapp group. I was so excited about this news! I rushed to Ho Man Tin as fast as I could. I really don't want to miss JPF. Half an hour later, I got JPF finally! How amazing! I took some picture with my friends. Although the weather was hot, we couldn't stop sending that news to the friends group. Hope I will meet another one soon!

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