Jessee J. Smith

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This spring, it's all about cicadas.

I'm a graduate of Mount St. Joseph University in western Cincinnati, Ohio, with a B.S. in Natural Science, a B.A. in General Art, and a B.F.A. in Fine Art (Sculpture). I'm a metalsmith and jewelry designer, as well as the copyeditor of American Entomologist, the flagship journal of the Entomological Society of America. I have also served as copyeditor and layout designer for several publications of the Ohio Biological Survey, including A Naturalist's Guide to the Fishes of Ohio (Dan Rice and Brian Zimmerman, 2019).

My past (and ongoing) projects include morphospecies analysis of moths and beetles in black- and white-light samples for a local environmental company, blacklight-trap insect surveys in southern Ohio, a survey of the tiger beetles of Ohio, and tiger beetle and grasshopper surveys of Teddy Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota. I've been interested in periodical cicadas since experiencing my first Brood X emergence in 1987, and I continue to help with mapping efforts and other Magicicada-related research. A brief but extremely educational stint in horticulture at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden (2007–2009) kindled my love of plants, which I like almost as much as insects.

I am an avid member of the Western Wildlife Corridor, an organization dedicated to preserving wild spaces and restoring native habitat in western Cincinnati, which means I spend a lot of my spare time battling Amur honeysuckle.

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