Herkenningsmodel bevat 1.403 nieuwe taxa

Herkenningsmodel bevat 1.403 nieuwe taxa (van 67.553 -> 68.853 taxa)

The charts below summarize these 1,403 new taxa using the same groupings we described in past release posts.

By category, most of these 1,403 new taxa were insects and plants

Here are species level examples of new species added for each category:

Click on the links to see these taxa in the Explore page to see these samples rendered as species lists. Remember, to see if a particular species is included in the currently live computer vision model, you can look at the “About” section of its taxon page.

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Geelgroene zegge https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/1425391-Carex-demissa is nu ook opgenomen in het herkenningsmodel..

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