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10 de noviembre de 2022

Last Push for 2022

With this moisture we have an opportunity to get a few more observations in before the season ends! If you go to the Mushroom Atlas page and turn on the square count labels using the layer control button (top right), you can see which squares are close to 20 observed species. If you are near a square that's close, please consider a visit to push it to 20.

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19 de noviembre de 2022

10 more Atlas squares reached 20 species this week!

Great progress in the last week, we pushed 10 more squares up over 20 species, up to 37. Lets see if we can get a few more before the snow hits!

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28 de noviembre de 2022

A couple more squares reach 20 species

This week week a couple more squares reached to the 20 species target, leaving us one short of our goal of 40 for this field season. Hopefully one more will trickle in with the warmer rains this week.

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30 de noviembre de 2022

Wild Species - Macrofungi

The new 2020 Wild Species report has been released, which finally includes rankings for 6950 macrofungi species, up from less than 100 in the 2015 report. You can read the macrofungi section of the report here if you like, or the full report here. Sure highlights the lack of data from places like Prince Edward Island, and the maritimes in general. Hopefully we can provide more data for the 2025 report.

Of the 6950 species in the report, 228 are listed as national priority species, of those only 8 have been recorded in iNaturalist for the maritime region, and only one in Prince Edward Island.

  • Agaricus devoniensis
  • Entoloma bloxamii
  • Humidicutis pura
  • Hydnum albidum
  • Psathyrella bipellis
  • Rhytisma acerinum
  • Tricholoma grave
  • Suillus ponderosus

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