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12 de enero de 2023

2022 in Review

Despite 2022 being a dry year and Hurricane Fiona disrupting the peak of mushroom season, by blocking trails and closing parks, we made a lot of progress on both observations and spreading out across the province, though we are still lacking in the areas west of Summerside.

Some highlights of the year:

  • 172 new species added to iNaturalist
  • increased the number of squares with 20+ known species from 13 to 48
  • 3336 observations added to iNaturalist, 1300 more than in 2021 which was an amazing mushroom year
  • 113 people attended our various talks and walks
  • Mushrooms of PEI project was reported in the media 13 times
  • Some PEI firsts for 2022 PEI: Bog Beacon, Silky Rosegill, White Saddle, and Coconut Milkcap
  • Inventory of Dune Fungi found 26 different species on PEI sand dunes, with 28 samples submitted for DNA sequencing. Many interesting finds, including a waxcap mushroom that is likely Hygrocybe jackmanii and previously known only from one location in Labrador

A group of people in the field is an extremely productive way to find mushrooms. We’ll have more mushroom walks in 2023.

Still a bit thin up west, but we are making steady progress.

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