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12 de noviembre de 2021

Great Southern Bioblitz

IDing for this - and reviewing many thousands more - has eaten the last 2 weeks of my life!

but - it did inspire a blog post for the Most Observed LOOK At Me ten species

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16 de noviembre de 2021

Life List for Cape Peninsula

I had used iNat to record either
Wow look what we found this week?
Can anyone tell me which species this is ... or ... or ?

Since that makes my life list only around 150, I will go back month by month, hike by hike - and will fill my gaps with the good pictures (which dutifully show the field marks)

Starting from 158 species (4849 unobserved)

120 plants and 2944 unobserved plant species for my Cape Peninsula.

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20 de noviembre de 2021

Life list updated with October hikes

200 species ! with 4,800 unobserved.

162 plant species - 2,900 to go.

And a new blog post

Inspired by botaneek's life list on iNat with over 7 thousand species.

I was using iNat for problem children and LOOK what we found! 160 species on my life list. Methodically adding from these October Fynbos Rambles has brought me to 200 Cape Peninsula species. Distant target keep adding (new) month by (old) month towards his almost 500 here? Or cmerry's almost a thousand. And Tony Rebelo with 3K!

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