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04 de mayo de 2023

700 Cape Peninsula species

I have hit that target.

After CNC23 ID marathon, will trawl my archives to add 'unobserved' species.

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16 de mayo de 2023

CNC23 Unknowns

20 July - cleared Western Cape Unknowns. I am done with CNC23 !
17 June - and cleared the Cultivated residue too.

It has taken me this long to clear the Cape Peninsula. Looked at everything lurking in Unknown. IDed what I could. @mentioned where it looked worth the time and effort of a taxon specialist.

Taking Research Grade as the most conservative total 2,215 species for Cape Town and CNC23 today. (There will be a few more as we clear the off Peninsula Unknowns)

Next, I go off the Peninsula where the species are unfamiliar. So I will skim thru faster. Looking for something worth rescuing. Greater Cape Town about 1.5K

Western Cape beyond the city still about 4K

Already one of my daily tasks is to catch plants condemned to the limbo above family. First for the Peninsula. Then for the Rest of Africa. On my own continent at least, I rescued obs which were disqualified from CNC - with good? intentions.

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30 de mayo de 2023

April's Fynbos Rambles

We walk to Noordhoek Fire Lookout to see Erica physodes. Sticky with bugs, protection against nectar thieves.

Was glad to see the invasive pine I reported

had been felled!

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