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03 de octubre de 2022

600 species for the Cape Pensinsula

Including a few from this week's hike finally got me there.

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25 de octubre de 2022

September wildflower hikes

UPDATE - someone came from iNat yesterday and tried to subscribe via Feedly. I had an old, suddenly broken Feedburner feed. Now updated, so it works as intended.

This week our list runs to over one hundred species (but only 11 on my photos). I've been Fynbos Rambling for 5 years. In the first weeks my head exploded with ... ALL ... these ... new ... NAMES!! I carefully wrote down each plant we saw (we do restrict ourselves to flowering now, but it's still overwhelming) And I took photos of each one. First my list fell by the wayside, not enough hands to go round - and I rely on the archived list which is emailed to us later. Then I became more choosy about which plants were worth a few photos, for iNatting and my lifelist (618 Cape Peninsula species, four and a half thousand to go), or for help with tricksy IDs.

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