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11 de febrero de 2023

Plantae pre-mavericks for the Western Cape

Thanks to @jeanphilippeb I have a dedicated URL to chew thru.

UPDATE 26 March - Planty pre-Mavericks for the Western Cape are done. Went right back about 10 years, including the glitches from moving away from iSpot to iNat.

UPDATE 25 February - I have chewed thru the planty pre-Mavericks for the Cape Peninsula.

I started on 2 February with 4140 obs.
Since these broad planty IDs are constantly added, running as fast as I can, chews that total down ... oh so slowly.
11 Feb 3660 obs at midday.

iNat let's us see our mavericks. But that is too little, too late. Tidying up AFTER trusted identifiers battled with my Wrong ID.

But pre-mavericks link, let's dedicated identifiers catch an obs when @mentioning, withdrawing mine, or informed agreeing with the better ID - can pre-empt piling up IDs to tip it from a broad and unhelpful ID (since taxon specialists can't filter for their taxon of choice) to filterable, or even Research Grade.

You can use the project
to ID for your own chosen taxon / location.

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