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13 de octubre de 2023

August wildflower hikes

(not going to get to the September blog post till December)

A sand toadlet in the winter pools at Rondebosch Common

Hybrid Gladiolus planted at Silvermine, in olden days for horticultural eye candy, not today's more thoughtful locally indigenous.

On Elsie's Peak a lush RED Protea lepidocarpodendron - just lacking the dark pigment says Tony R. Makes a change from the anaemic blonde variants in other species.

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22 de octubre de 2023

If you are looking for me?

Heading for a digital detox in November.

If you are in the Southern hemisphere (we will need identifiers please?)
Great Southern Bioblitz 24 to 27 November

I will be back to help ID for GSB November into December. Cape Peninsula is my home. Western Cape has even more to offer. Africa needs identifiers!

And today - when I didn't have a camera in hand - I saw

A very slender dragonfly. Wings neatly folded back along the body. Wings veined with dark 'spoons'
Then lifted a stone and disturbed a family of young cockroaches.
And saw pseudoscorpions!! Didn't realise they were quite so tiny.

Those pictures are in my head.

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