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27 de agosto de 2016

I broke the iNat app :(

Apparently you cannot upload 84 observations at once on the Android app. So now I'll have to go back and do them manually. Ugh!

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Happy iNat-iversary to me!

I have been on iNat for 1 year, as of yesterday!! Woohooo!

In that time I have posted 1368 observations of 1293 different species and contributed 899 identifications. WOW!

I've always taken pictures of interesting flowers and bugs, but it wasn't until iNat that I got the itch to see how many new things I could find. I've been absolutely amazed at the variety in my own yard! I've made 260 observations on my 1/4 acre property, and seen arthropods I haven't come across anywhere else. There's something to be said about looking in the same spot day after day.

My pet project has been surveying the Lakewood Estates Open Space, which I started in February of this year. In that location I have made 498 observations of 314 species. That has been an incredibly special place for me to disappear to for a little nature therapy!

I've met SO many great people on iNat and in the field. I blame @sambiology for this addiction. Without his identifications, suggestions, guidance, and friendship, I would have lost interest after about 2 weeks. @suz has been my flora-guru since my first one-on-one walk with her at ONP. @jim-botany's lessons will always be in my mind as I wander curiously at the slow pace of botany. @cgritz welcomed me at the Mockingbird Nature Park wildflower walks, and @itmndeborah opened her wildflower fields to my camera. There are so MANY more people that have helped me online with identifications that I could not begin to list all that come to mind, but know that I appreciate your assistance, expertise, and online friendship, too!

So, everyone is welcome to stop by and have some cake and punch with me! And let's toast to many more years of bugs and flowers and creatures of all kinds!


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