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01 de octubre de 2018

My Birthday BioBlitz was AWESOME!! 🌻🐇🐛🕷🦋🐞

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that came out to my first annual (wink wink) Birthday BioBlitz! It was the BEST way to spend the night!! I want to run around and give you all hugs again!

And NOW all of my presents are rolling in.... the hundreds of observations we made! I haven't even looked at my own photos yet because I've been looking to see what you guys are posting! SO many good things!!

Here's a quick link for the night that will update as more and more gets added:

I decided to go ahead and create a BioBlitz project so we can have Leaderboards!

Again, I can't thank you all enough for sharing my bday with me, doing what I love! (What we ALL love!)

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First BioBlitz success!

The first Overton Ridge Park BioBlitz was a success! Thank you to everyone that came out! The observations are already looking wonderful!

I have created a separate project for the BioBlitz so we can have Leaderboards!

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