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17 de octubre de 2021


Thank you to everyone that came out! Your help is SUPER important to us and we appreciate the time you took out of your weekend to help us complete the initial species survey. I hope you saw some great things while you were out there!

We'd love to have all observations uploaded within the next week so they can be identified and we can start analyzing the data to share it with project stakeholders. The iNat project is already collecting your observations even if you have not "joined", so you do not need to do anything special to have them included. If you have any questions, please reach out to me so I can help to resolve any issues.

And for Cross Timbers Master Naturalists... remember to count your travel time, field time, photo editing, uploading, researching IDs, and identifying (for your own and other observations) as volunteer hours under "Citizen science/data collection: Tarrant County"


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Location descriptions: DW GDNS, TX 76013, USA

Did your observations post with a location description of "DW GDNS, TX 76013, USA"?

Yeah, weird. Happened to several of us. If you stood at the water line it would have popped up as Arlington. (shrug) I can confirm that only the location description is incorrect but if your photo coordinates are good they are still loading to the project. It turns out NOT to be an iNat issue, but rather one with Google Maps. I'll spare you the technical details, but if you feel like any of your observations are not being included in the project, please drop me a message so I can take a look! I'll do some quality checks after the bulk of observations get loaded, just to double check on our end too!


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How you can easily make virus observations

James Douch wrote a great post on the iNat Forum about how to make observations of viruses and he couldn't have made it any easier! Here's a way to keep your eyes open for new species! And James is great about helping out if you want to tag him in your observations!

Read the full post here:

"However, few iNaturalists are even aware that viruses may be observed on iNaturalist, and the number and diversity of virus observations is low. Of course, many viruses cannot be detected without laboratory techniques, but this is not always true. I would like to provide some suggestions on how you can easily make your first virus observation." ~James K. Douch

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