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16 de junio de 2017

Metallic Green Bees

Does anyone have tips on how to ID the Metallic Green Bees? Females (all green) of Agapostemon spp, Augochloris spp, Augochloropsis spp. in particular.

Eye color? Wing color? Femurs? Hairs? Pitting on the thorax? I've tried to go through BugGuide to get a better understanding, but I find the clues are often buried in the individual observations and not well documented on the Info pages. I'd appreciate any tricks you might be willing to share!

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30 de junio de 2017

Several new species found on my last visit

I have enjoyed the heck out of this little spot of earth. It is constantly revealing new surprises to me. On my last visit I took pictures of 32 species, with 12 of them being something new to me. Incredible!

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