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10 de octubre de 2017

Biodiversity of the Anacostia River

Hey folks!

Again, big thanks to all the observers, members and ID'ers that collaborated during the Anacostia River Virtual Bioblitz! The Anacostia Watershed Society really appreciates your involvement and enthusiasm to document the Anacostia River watershed's species.

Because we would like to observe and identify as much species as possible, we want to keep this project very active. As I type this sentence 952 species have been identified by 25 observers. A total of 47 members have joined the project so far. The species number is quite impressive but not so much the people engagement so please join the project here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/biodiversity-of-the-anacostia-river And, invite other iNaturalist users (or get new people started with the app!) to join the project and add as much observations as possible!

Some of the groups that could use more observations are insects, arachnids and fungi, all of which are extra active preparing for the winter and/or breeding at this time of the year. Plants being a big group can always have attention, especially now with lots of species blooming!

Here's a challenge: can we get to the 1000 species mark before Thanksgiving??!


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