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01 de octubre de 2019

2019 Anacostia River Bioblitz

What a weekend! It's been unusually warm and dry (except for today) which definitely had an impact on many organisms. The 2019 bioblitz, our 3rd bioblitz, was great, especially the "virtual" participation. I would like to thank you all, partners and participants, on behalf of AWS for all your support. Here's the results:

55 people attended the Saturday event at Kingman and Heritage Islands Park. We are down compared to last year... We will work at AWS to try to address this issue, we would love to hear your feedback.

But the good news are these figures:

-1,729 observations
-586 species identified
-185 identifiers
-150 observers

Which makes it our most successful bioblitz so far! This is mostly a virtual bioblitz so it is encouraging to see the "e-participation".

Here are the taxa results with a "+" if the species count was bigger than last year and "-" if it was smaller:

Birds: 51 species +
Amphibians: 6 species +
Reptiles: 4 species +
Mammals: 6 species (same as last year)
Fish: 2 species -
Mollusks: 4 species +
Spiders: 22 species + (doubled!)
Insects: 174 specie s+
Plants: 294 species +
Slime molds: 0 species -
-Mushrooms: 23 species - (dry weather!)

For the River,


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