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25 de agosto de 2018

Anacostia River Bioblitz- September 6-9

Our second #AnacostiaBioblitz is around the corner! The "virtual" part of the event will be the entire timeframe September 6-9, more information here: https://www.anacostiaws.org/event/111-anacostia-river-bioblitz.html

We will hold a public bioblitz event on September 8th: https://www.anacostiaws.org/event/114-public-event-anacostia-river-bioblitz.html There will be experts leading tours and, helping ID species and helping you use the iNaturalist app.

Biologically speaking, fall is in the air already! The bioblitz will be an awesome opportunity to explore the phenological phenomena going on at this great time of the year: mushrooms, caterpillars, fall blooms, seeding/fruiting, bird migrations, etc.

See you at the #AnacostiaRiver!

Jorge Bogantes
Anacostia Watershed Society

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