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05 de julio de 2021

July Update

Happy 4th of July - well, ok, happy 5th of July. We are now into the peak of the Dragonfly season. There are still a few early season Odes around, and the late season are starting to show up. Days are hot and prey is plentiful, so the wetlands are alive with Dragons and Damsels. July days may be a bit warm for humans - but hunting Odes is best when it's uncomfortable for us.

June was a good month - from the iNat usage stats:

8,506 new observations from 528 unique observers. We've never had a month with more unique observers. Only Jul 2019 had more new observations (9470)

We are now over 3,000 people having contributed observations for the total project. We went over 450 members with the Jun additions.

Common Whitetail is now the leader for number of observations - a bit of a switch as we normally trade Eastern and Fragile Forktails for Eastern Pondhawks and Blue Dashers.

On the year we have recorded 119 species - down a bit from 2020, but matching 2020.

Good Luck!

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