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05 de marzo de 2021

March Update

I see blue sky and red maple buds. How long until someone reports green darners? Probably before the April Update!

New species Distribution Maps and Species Flight Charts include the Research Grade observations submitted to iNaturalist through the end of calendar year 2020. Happily, MaLisa Spring has made these files available on the Dragonfly Survey web page at u.osu.

The maps have county level resolution based on presence/absence by species. The maps also provide a reference on how recently an observation was recorded - the darker the county, the more recently observed. Counties that had new occurrences during the Survey years are noted with a dot.

Maps are at

The flight charts show species recorded across the Ohio Odonata season (March through November). These are primarily adult records, where they can be separated from immatures. Numbers are aggregated into mostly 10-day range.

Charts are at

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