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20 de marzo de 2020

18C Computer Vision Artifical Knowledge Links Max 3 keer per jaar herziening van het model.
Model 1.Naturalis: 2-20 photos per species
Model 2.Naturalis: 40 photos per species

Model 2-4.1Nat:40 photographers per species
Model 5.1Nat:1000 photos per species
eferentiewaarnemingen er gebruikt worden (5000 of 40)!topic/inaturalist/K9nJOC0Cjss
FWIW, there's also discussion and some additional charts at
about a rare species, but the system might still recommend one based on nearby observation
"nearby" means near in space and time
The model became more efficient in sedges and grasse
the vision model does not itself incorporate non-image data other than taxon IDs
b/c because ("taxon and region comparisons" 20190614) ("connections between neurons")

Interessant artikel over de Artificial Intelligence achter Inaturalist:

= = = Nov2020

Common ancestor for the top 3 raw results

m looking for a way of finding observations without coordinates. Many of these have Location Notes, so it is basically lacking Longitude or Latitude that I am looking for.
I am not interested in those with Latitude = 0 or Longitude = 0 (see (which is very inappropriately named, as I am looking for NULLS but this project identifies zeros instead - nulls have no data (value unassigned, or empty, or missing), but 0 is a specific datum - zero - like any other value - and not a “null”)).
At present for this user, filtering on verifiable=false gives me more or less what I want, but conflates these with any Data Quality criteria, not just missing coordinates. 1

I added a very basic search to atlases in response to Jane’s feature request 6. So now if you wanted to see all ‘marked’, ‘active’ atlases of taxa in the LIliaceae you’d do✓&filters[taxon_name]=Lilies&filters[taxon_id]=47328&filters[is_active]=True&filters[is_marked]=True

The out-of-range is vestigal, we don’t display it anywhere anymore (except the old filter menu thats still on 1). It worked directly on the taxon-range, rather than using atlases

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